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About Maven Concept

The Founders

We are experienced business owners and entrepreneurs with MBAs in a variety of fields. We have created multiple startups that currently operate and produce 7-8 figures in revenue each, and employ hundreds across Texas. Maven Concept Consultancy is driven by health, well being, and social responsibility with a focus on ethics. What we all have in common is a desire to provide exceptional experiences from the employees to your clients.

Our fundamental goal of treating and taking care of those around us brought success way beyond what we originally anticipated. The concept is now applied across all our ventures with continuous success.                    

We started Maven Concept to pass it forward and share our expertise in starting and growing an eight figure healthcare practice and service business.

About Maven Concept

We started a small practice fresh from college, with limited funds, little to no experience, and a concept. By using this concept, we created one of the fastest growing pediatric practices in DFW. The Maven Concept was diligently followed for 1.5 years before expanding to 8 additional and successful healthcare facilities in under a 24 month period – and growing. This concept not only worked, but exceeded our expectations multiple times, from one practice to the next.
We realized that the model is an unfavorable route on face value due to the investment needed to see the long term benefits come to fruition. So most practices would avoid it, as they wanted instant results, which led to the opposite affect in the long run. By not focusing solely on how to increase profits, and instead focusing on development, patient/employee experiences, and branding, we saw how profits and revenues both increased. But more importantly, how personal-work life balance and lifestyle rejuvenate everyone in the organization. This is uncommon in our current healthcare industry.
We decided to take the concept into other businesses and found that it worked across other industries, beyond healthcare. We have built multiple businesses using the concept and have seen the same explosive growth with 7 and 8 figure revenues within 3 years of startup. The concept allowed us to not only grow rapidly, but with no debts or investors.

Why Maven

We know what it takes to build a company from the ground up and grow it to its full potential.

Our team has extensive experience in business strategy. They are experienced business owners who use real-world approach. We look forward to help you take your business to the next level.

Maven Concept Values

Professionalism in Operations

We seek to provide client-oriented services for effective operations and improved performance. 

Integrity in Service

Honesty is the fabric that guides all our dealings. We maintain transparency with all those who seek our services.

Commitment in Service

Our dedication to providing business consultancy services is unmatched.

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