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Mixing business and healthcare doesn’t often work for a majority of private practice owners due to the complexity of the current healthcare practice. Many practice owners are stuck, frustrated or dissatisfied. They generally don’t have enough time, they have few patients, recruitment is hard, and they are overwhelmed by self-limiting perceptions and a fixed mindset. They also have to deal with a complex insurance credentialing and billing process.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. We started Maven concept to share the concept that helped us start, grow and scale our practice organically. Maven Concept changes the way private practices operate with an emphasis on employee and patient satisfaction, culture, and branding to automate growth for boundless scalability. So you can work less, impact and earn more.

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Healthcare Consultancy

Who is a healthcare consultant? We encounter that question a lot, especially from startups. Healthcare consultation refers to the practice of offering solutions to medical facilities in their operation, revenue generation, compliance, and performance. That said, a healthcare consultant is a person who executes the duty.
At Maven Concept, we offer the best healthcare management services to help your facility improve in performance. Our services are unmatched because of our team of experienced and professional consultants.
The requirements to work in healthcare consultation are above what most fields require. The reason being, we are experts that deal with services that affect human life. Our responsibility is to ensure efficiency in running health facilities and attending to patients. But why do you need a healthcare consultation?
  • Provide insight to improve the efficiency of your systems
  • Identify flaws in the running of your healthcare firm and offer solutions
  • Ensure compliance with all the set regulations and proper acquisition of the necessary permits
  • Offer healthcare workers training and advisory services
  • Operation evaluation
  • Application and submission of the necessary documentation
Maven Concept ensures smooth engagement between patients, physicians, authorities, lawyers, and contractors. We are the custodians of all the processes and strategies for efficiency in attending to patients.
Healthcare facilities face unique dynamics in comparison to other businesses. You can contact us if you need healthcare consultancy services. After working with several medical facilities from the initial stage, our track record is clear; excellency is our fabric. For new medical facility, there are no systems set in place or prior experience with the market you want to tap. Therefore, you need an expert who can advise you on the pitfalls and opportunities in your area of specialization. Maven Concept guides you from the market research phase to get a clear picture of your business. Before the launch, you should figure out:
  • Business planning
  • Financing options: cash, loan, or investors
  • Market research and evaluation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing strategies
  • Compliance and permit applications
During and after the launch, you should execute the plan you have laid out. All these processes might drain your energies if you are not familiar with them. That is why you need Maven Concept to lend you a hand and guide you through each process.

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